Australians still buy music, stream more than ever – IFPI Report

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Australians still buy music, stream more than ever – IFPI Report

In the last month, 27% of Australians surveyed paid for music in some form, although this is only 1 per cent higher than the average across all surveyed countries.Interestingly, South Korea lead the world for the amount of music puchasing, with a whopping 44% of those polled paying for music in some form, 10% higher than second-placed US. In total, respondants were polled from 21 countries, although exact numbers were not disclosed.


With some confirmation on what we already knew, the report finds that 90% of all 34,000 respondents listened to music through any type of in-demand streaming platform. YouTube understandably leads that pack with 77% of responders being monthly streamers on the platform.




The report also found that while people are still using illegal methods to source their music, with 27% using copy-write infringements and 23% through streaming rip music, over 63% would switch to on-demand streaming if the avenues to illegal content became more difficult to access.


Mixdown readers would be interested to know that Metal comes in as the 8th most streamed genre, while Pop and Rock top the list respectively.


Check out the full report here, for a more detailed look into the streaming habits of India, China, Mexico and South Korea following a year where streaming habits massively increased.


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