Australia Is Getting A New Vinyl Plant

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Australia Is Getting A New Vinyl Plant


Adelaide’s Roundabout Records are here to save the day, announcing that they will open the city’s first vinyl pressing plant later this year, focusing on providing services towards local and independent artists.


The label has already made progress on the plant, acquiring a 1950’s Neumann AM-32 Lathe from New Zealand. “I was the first one to get to Auckland,” Roundabout’s Colin Forster says. “A guy jumped on a plane in Germany that night, and a guy jumped on a plane in America that night, and just because I got there first, I was pretty lucky.” Forster is one lucky man, owning the last of its kind and a highly desirable machine.


Roundabout Records aren’t just settling for a vinyl pressing plant though. They are also set to offer recording and mastering services, spurred on by their recent acquisitions of vintage HMV audio equipment and an EMI desk. When all the pieces are put together, the label will be able to provide one-stop shop service running orders from 100 to 1000.


The plant is scheduled to open in December. For more details, head to the Roundabout Records Facebook Page