An electronic music sampling workshop is coming to Melbourne

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An electronic music sampling workshop is coming to Melbourne

Process LAB will break down a myriad of sampling techniques and is open to open to producers, sound artists, sound designers and musicians alike. The workshop is primarily aimed at those with a basic understanding of the Ableton Live program who want to refine their sampling techniques and learning how to build custom kits and racks from instrument samples. More experienced producers are also welcome to soak in the unique recording approach of Callander and gain insight into the producer’s meticulous process.



Callander will break the evening down into separate sections over the four hour period, moving from recording samples from LPs and cut & paste to building kits and custom instruments before concluding with total ‘sample destruction’ – warping and resampling beyond recognition. Those bewildered by the sampling wizadry of Callander will have plenty of time to ask questions in an extensive Q&A at the end. 

All participants will need to bring is a laptop with Ableton Live installed, which can be the trial version, as price of admission will helpfully supply you with headphones, a microphone, audio interface and MIDI keyboards. Those extra keen producers can also bring their own audio WAV/MP3 files if they desperately have some ideas to ply. 


There will be plenty of chances to share whatever wacked out soundscapes are constructed by the end of the session, so this is also a golden opportunity to get some feedback from like-minded soundhounds.


Process LAB will go down at 6pm on Friday August 24 at The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne. Get your tickets here.