Ibanez unveil 2024 range: your journey begins now

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Ibanez unveil 2024 range: your journey begins now

Ibanez 2024
Words by Mixdown staff

Ibanez are a company built on the back of pushing the envelope; sonically, aesthetically and all the while accessibly.

From bedroom to stage, from learner to legend. Ibanez has the instrument to begin or complete your journey. Renowned for innovative designs and the highest quality craftsmanship, Ibanez’s huge selection accommodates all styles, all genres, all possibilities. Find the instrument to suit you and join or continue your journey with Ibanez by your side.

The 2024 announcement expands an already stellar offering of RG, AZ and AZES ranges to name a few, with additional options available building on 2022’s Pentatone pedal, Tubescreamer and Accessories. Their bass offering sees a huge overall, adding different bass guitars with multiple layouts, designs and sounds at a budget for every player.

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Ibanez begins the journey into the 2024 product range with a brand-new music video. The song ‘New Emotion’ is a collaborative effort from a roster of Australian artists that takes the listener on the journey of inspiration, self-realisation, and untapped potential. The ‘New Emotion’ music video showcases select models from the Ibanez 2024 range.

‘New Emotion’ collaborated on by: Marcus Bridge Vocals/Guitars (Northlane), Sabian Lynch Guitars (Alpha Wolf), Mitch Clews Guitars (Sessionist), Liam Horgan Bass (Sessionist), Nic Pettersen Drums (Northlane).

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