Gretsch drums release new Renegade Series

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Gretsch drums release new Renegade Series

Gretsch Renegade
Words by Mixdown staff

The new, affordable Renegade Kits are available in four different colours, Grey Sparkle, Ruby Sparkle, Blue Sparkle, and Black Mist.

Gretsch Drums introduces the new Renegade Series; a drum kit with all the essentials at an affordable price. Each Renegade drum set is a complete five-piece drum kit which includes all the hardware, set of brass cymbals, and a pair of drumsticks; everything to get started straight away!

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Featuring shells manufactured to Gretsch’s exacting standards, this kit comprises a 16″×22″ bass drum, 7″×10″ and 8″×12″ rack toms, a 14″×16″ floor tom, and a 5″×14″ snare drum. Each drum is fitted with classic full range Gretsch lugs, triple-flange hoops, and a bass drumhead featuring the iconic Gretsch logo.

The drum kit also includes a full hardware pack: a bass drum pedal, hi-hat stand, snare stand, straight cymbal stand, and bass drum mounted double tom holder. The included brass cymbal pack consists of 13″ hi-hats and a 15″ crash/ride cymbal. The setup is completed with a Gretsch drum throne and a pair of drumsticks.

The Renegade drum kits are as easy on the eyes as they are on the pocket.

For more information about the new Renegade Drum Series and all the other Gretsch drums and artists please visit the Gretsch website here. For local enquiries visit Pro Music Australia.