Gibson Generation Collection launches with a soundport directed at you

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Gibson Generation Collection launches with a soundport directed at you

Gibson generation collection guitars
Words by Sam McNiece

A brand new concept for Gibson acoustics.

If you thought they couldn’t reinvent the wheel, Gibson have come through with a new acoustic guitar design that will turn heads. The Gibson Generation Collection features a sound port—named Gibson Player Port—which aims sound at you, the guitarist.

What you need to know:

  • Gibson have released the Gibson Generation Collection of acoustic guitars.
  • The new range consists of four guitars which feature a ‘Gibson Player Port’, a sound port which directs the tone of the guitar towards your ears.
  • The port was originally designed in 1964 and makes its first appearance on Gibson acoustics in this range.

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The Gibson Generation Collection showcase a cool innovation which came from their design labs all the way back in 1964. The Gibson Player Port as it is dubbed, is a sound port directed at the player, allowing for you to hear what is usually directed at the audience or microphone. This isn’t the first occurrence of a sound port on top of the guitar but is definitely a first for Gibson products.

Designed in line with other Gibson acoustics, this collection is meant to be comfortable, holding true to the rest of their offerings. New shapes, present on the G-00 and G-Writer through to takes on previous guitars such as the G-200 (based on the SJ-200) and G-45 (based on the J-45) provide both classic and new feels for the Generation Collection.

All models in the line feature Sitka spruce tops, Walnut back and sides, striped ebony fretboards and natural finishes. Both the G-200 and G-Writer come equipped with LR Baggs Element Bronze pickups for deep bass and clean highs. It’ll be interesting to see how these perform considering there’s now two places for sound to emanate from and maybe we’ll see these get miked up on both holes in studios.

As far as Gibson acoustics go, these are the most affordable with the G-00 starting at US$999 up to the G-200 at US$1,999.

Check out this video below detailing the new range.

Head to Gibson for more information on the Generation Collection.