Get complete Slate Digital & Solid State Logic subscriptions for the price of one

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Get complete Slate Digital & Solid State Logic subscriptions for the price of one

Slate Digital SSL
Words by Mixdown staff

Available on their new joint subscription platform, customers will be able to keep this ever-growing dual ‘complete access’ package worth over $12k, indefinitely with a continuously renewed subscription.

Two of the biggest pro audio plug-in brands, Slate Digital and Solid State Logic, have joined forces with a time limited offer with access to BOTH their subscriptions for the price of one – just $14.99 USD per month plus local tax.

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$14.99 per month ‘complete access’ delivers a combined subscription offering with 100+ professional plug-ins worth over $12,000. ONLY available until November 28th midnight PST

The new ‘complete access’ offering combines two premium subscription packages: with over 60 of the most prestigious processing and creative instrument plug-ins, including the latest VIRTU assisted mastering platform, Slate Digital’s All Access Pass has led the way in pro audio subscription offerings. It also brings incredible content with thousands of royalty free audio samples and exclusive boutique packs with presets, and access to hundreds of professional tutorials from leading producers and educators.

The SSL Complete subscription brings 30+ legendary Solid State Logic modelled consoles, compressors, equalisers, reverbs and delays, as used on decades of the world’s biggest selling music recordings. And with the acquisition of Harrison Audio, it includes a range of updated plug-ins direct from the music hitmakers in Nashville, USA.

More information and access to the ‘complete access’ joint subscription can be found via both brands websites at Slate Digital or SSL.