Four Korean indie stars you need to have on your radar

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Four Korean indie stars you need to have on your radar

Words by Mixdown Staff

Ahead of the SXSW Sydney Korea Spotlight let's get to know these ones to watch.

There’s no question South Korea is killing it in the music game. Of course, K-pop has taken the world by storm (we’ll see you at Twice this November), but the country has so much more to offer for those who know where to look.

Soon, some of the most exciting Korean exports will be performing in Australia for the first time ever. On Friday October 20, Sydney’s brand new Kyiv Social will host the SXSW Korea Spotlight featuring four stunning up-and-coming acts who are ready to showcase the diversity and talent that comes from their home country, from hip-hop to indie pop.

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Presented by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), the event will also give Australian fans the chance to network with the artists and their teams at Abercrombie before the showcase kicks off.

Because you know we like to keep our readers ahead of the curve, we’re introducing you to these out-of-towners before they touch down in Sydney.


Hailing from Seoul, ADOY brings together elements of indie rock, ’80s influence and city pop to create an effortlessly dreamy signature sound. Their uplifting synth-pop beats are matched with lyrics that take listeners on a journey, charting the easy summer days of youth spent at the beach with friends.

Singers Juhwan Oh, Zee and Dayoung Jeong share the vocal parts, their sweet, airy voices harmonising with ease. In 2017, their debut EP Catnip garnered them national attention. The band went from playing bars in their hometown to some of the biggest festival stages in Korea, taking home music awards and hitting the road for tours across Asia and the United States.


Born in Korea, raised in China and polished up in the US at the famed Berklee College of Music when she was only in her teens, it wouldn’t be far off to call Jacqui a prodigy. Her love for music was stirred by the iconic tracks of Erykah Badu’s Baduizm, which she carries elements of into her own work.

Weaving together elements of neo-soul, pop, RnB and jazz, she creates dynamic tracks that are distinctly her own. Her single White Clouds was featured on the Netflix show My Holo Love and her recent track, Salty Feelings, has been on rotation at Triple J and has gotten her a place on LA’s Ones to Watch playlist. She’ll be bringing her groovy, danceable style to the SXSW stage.

Meaningful Stone

Meaningful Stone is the kind of artist who isn’t afraid to go out on her own. Her debut full-length album, 2020’s A Call From My Dream, captivated fans with its dreamy bedroom pop sound, winning the Rookie of the Year prize at the Korean Music Awards and even charting in the US.

Her follow-up, the 2021 EP Colbalt, took an unexpected turn, opting for a guitar-heavy garage rock sound reminiscent of the 1990s. One of its singles, Dancing in the Rain, went on to be nominated for the Best Modern-Rock Song at the Korean Music Awards. She released her latest single, The Fifth Spring, in April of this year.


This brother and sister duo are set to bring up the heat. Bringing together hip-hop and electronic, their music is made for the streets, influenced by their childhood spent living between Seoul, Miami and New York.

Their style draws from Southern American rap and experimental trap, creating something that is completely unique and made for the modern listener. Their latest album, 2022’s Space Talk, had features from Rico Nasty, Mudd The Student, and Tyrone Laurent, among others. 

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