EVH unveils affordable new Iconic 5150 tube amplifiers

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EVH unveils affordable new Iconic 5150 tube amplifiers

Words by Sam McNiece

Putting a new spin on Eddie Van Halen's signature amp.

Amplifier and Guitar manufacturer EVH deliver a new amp with the Iconic 5150. Originally an Eddie Van Halen amp designed by Peavey, the 5150 is named after Halen’s home recording studio and receives a reimagining with original designer James Brown on board.

What you need to know:

  • Eddie Van Halen’s namesake brand EVH drops new amplifier combo in the Iconic 5150
  • EVH have teamed up with James Brown, who designed the original signature 5150 amp for Peavey.
  • There are two colour ways available and the amp is set to hit stores September.

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EVH boasts ‘the Iconic line delivers the searing sound and growling gain that Eddie Van Halen made famous throughout his groundbreaking career.’

There are three models on offer in the Iconic 5150 range, the 40W 1×12 combo, an 80W head and a 4×12 cabinet. The amps utilise JJ 6L6 power tubes (four in the 80W head and two in the 40W combo) and two JJ ECC83S preamp tubes.

On both combo and cabinet, there are custom designed EVH12” Celestion speakers voiced specifically for this preamp circuit. The cabinets themselves are made out of MDF with special internal baffling for an increased bass response and are lined on the outside with either ivory or black vinyl.

Both the combo and head feature two channels with extra voicing options for each. The ‘Green’ channel features an overdrive whilst the ‘Red’ channel has the crunchy burn setting selectable.

Channel two has a noise gate which is fast acting and perfect if your guitar is hissing at you in between your shredding guitar riffs. Also featured on the Iconic 5150s is EQ knobs, a footswitch for engaging a 10dB gain boost, an effects loop, speaker emulated DI, and reverb to dial in your tone.

The Iconic 5150 amps from EVH are due to be released September, 2021.

For more information on this range head to EVH.