Eventide’s new MicroPitch Delay pedal is a shoegazer’s dream device

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Eventide’s new MicroPitch Delay pedal is a shoegazer’s dream device

Words by Will Brewster

Bringing the sounds of the H3000 to your pedalboard.

Following the success of last year’s cavernous Blackhole Reverb pedal, Eventide have revisited the dot9 pedal range to debut the MicroPitch Delay dual-engine delay and pitch-shifter, porting the era-defining sounds of the H3000, H910 and H949 processors to the confines of your pedalboard.

Offering studio-quality delays, vibrato, pitch-shifting and so much more, the MicroPitch channels the legacy of classic Eventide units with its packed feature set and flexible signal routing, resulting in an unfathomable amount of tones on tap.

The MicroPitch features two footswitches and knobs for Mix, Pitch A, Pitch B, Depth, Rate and Pitch Mix, with all controls featuring alternative modes to control the delay engine of the pedal. The secondary switch can be utilised for tap-tempo and preset switching, and there’s also an expression pedal input and toggles for buffered, relay, DSP+FX and kill dry bypass.

A guitar/line level switch on the rear of the unit lets you flip between guitars, synths and other instruments with ease, while a MIDI via TRS port allows for the MicroPitch to be hooked up to unlock a staggering 127 presets via the Eventide Device Manager app.

Dive into Eventide’s extensive demonstration of the MicroPitch below. This looks like it’s an extremely powerful, tonally abundant pedal, and just might be the best way to get all those iconic Eventide rack unit tones without selling one of your internal organs to afford an original.

Head to Eventide to find out more.