Eve Audio launch ‘no-compromise’ SC4070 midfield studio monitors

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Eve Audio launch ‘no-compromise’ SC4070 midfield studio monitors

Words by Will Brewster

A high-end monitoring solution to suit professional users.

Packing a sophisticated four-way design and pro-grade specifications, Eve Audio have today released their new SC4070 midfield studio monitors, a ‘no-compromise’ monitoring system designed to suit professional recording rooms.

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With a free-field frequency range of 32Hz – 25 kHz and a maximum SPL of 126dB, the Eve Audio SC4070s are tailor-made to withstand the most demanding studio environments.

Each monitor features a Class-D PWM amplifier to provide short-term output power of up to 1000w with virtually no distortion, giving professional engineers and producers an unparalleled solution for creating and mixing audio alike.

Building on the blueprint of the Eve Audio SC407, the new SC4070 monitors boast an advanced RS3.1 Air Motion Transformer tweeter and midrange section to provide crystalline definition, as well as two 6.5″ woofers wired to a juiced-up amplifier array for a powerful low-end response.

With the SC4070, Eve Audio have also elected to place the AMT tweeter and midrange woofer on a central aluminium plate, allowing them to be placed either vertically or horizontally to suit your listening environment.

A SMART-knob with LED ring on the front panel allows you to adjust room adaptation filters and volume control, while internal hi-res DSP electronics and A/D conversion ensures the SC4070’s sound is nothing short of sublime.

Find out more about the Eve Audio SC4070 monitors here. For enquiries regarding local distribution, get in touch with Electric Factory.