Duesenberg Guitars appoints Amber Technology as exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand

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Duesenberg Guitars appoints Amber Technology as exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand

Words by Mixdown staff

Duesenberg Guitars, founded by Dieter Golsdorf in 1986, is renowned for its commitment to sophisticated mechanics, bold designs, and the creation of exceptional instruments that resonate with musicians worldwide.

Amber Technology, a leading distributor of audio and musical instruments in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), is thrilled to announce its recent appointment as the exclusive distributor for Duesenberg Guitars in ANZ. This partnership brings together two industry leaders dedicated to delivering exceptional musical instruments to musicians of all levels.

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Dieter Golsdorf, the visionary designer and founder of Duesenberg Guitars, began his journey in 1978 by establishing a small business focused on producing and selling guitars and parts. With a passion for intricate mechanics and avant-garde designs, Golsdorf’s dedication culminated in the birth of the Duesenberg brand in 1986. Since then, the company has been on a mission to craft outstanding instruments that captivate musicians and stand the test of time.

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Peter Amos, managing director of Amber Technology, said, “We are delighted to welcome Duesenberg Guitars to our Musical Instrument (MI) portfolio. This prestigious brand extends our guitar offering further for musicians in Australia and New Zealand. Duesenberg’s commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and musical excellence aligns seamlessly with our values, and we look forward to bringing their exceptional instruments to the vibrant music communities in Australia and New Zealand.”

Andrej Lillak, general manager, Duesenberg Guitars, said, “We are thrilled to appoint Amber Technology as our exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand. With Amber Technology’s focus on excellence in all areas, we are certain that this step will further improve services and availability of our instruments on the other side of the globe. We are looking forward to working with our friends at Amber Technology to deliver exceptional instruments to artists down under.”

The partnership between Amber Technology and Duesenberg Guitars marks an exciting chapter for musicians in the region, as they gain access to a diverse range of high-quality instruments known for their craftsmanship and distinctive designs. Amber Technology’s extensive network and commitment to customer satisfaction make it the ideal distributor to introduce and support Duesenberg Guitars in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Stock will be available from February 2024 from Amber Technology’s network of MI dealers nationally.

For local enquiries, visit Amber Technology.