DOPE LEMON shares video for new single Rose Pink Cadillac

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DOPE LEMON shares video for new single Rose Pink Cadillac

Words by Sam McNiece

Sweet soul sounds resonate through in this track.

Angus Stone, who shot to fame through his folksy duo with sister and longtime collaborator Julia Stone, continues to forge his own path through the DOPE LEMON moniker. Off the back of two critically acclaimed albums Smooth Big Cat and Honey Bones, DOPE LEMON creates a dreamy and soulful vibe for his new single.

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This release follows on from recent singles ‘Kids Fallin’ In Love’ and ‘Every Day Is A Holiday’ featuring Winston Surfshirt, marking a new creative direction for DOPE LEMON.

Taking pointers from 60’s soul standards, Rose Pink Cadillac ‘strikes the balance between specificity and universality perfectly’ as Angus’ subdued voice sits perfectly between the gently riffing guitars.

Touching on themes of love and desire, this single embodies a bright-eyed perspective on romance highlighted by the lines ‘Love to know how baby / I could get a chance / Just to look in your eyes maybe / I could be your man’.

Showing Angus grasping a small-diaphragm condenser mic centre stage, the song’s video features the namesake Cadillac, vampyric dancers and an oversaturated, bright glow that perfectly captures the glamorous essence of this single.

Check out the video for this new single below.

Catch DOPE LEMON playing Winter in the Domain concert series in Sydney, July 4.