Darkglass introduces new Alpha-Omega and Microtubes v2 bass amplifiers

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Darkglass introduces new Alpha-Omega and Microtubes v2 bass amplifiers

Words by Will Brewster

Providing bassists with the absolute pinnacle of headroom.

Finland’s own low-end gurus Darkglass Electronics have expanded their bass amplifier range with two new models, introducing the Alpha-Omega 500 and the Microtubes 500v2.

Packing a beefy 500 watts of power, both units make use of Darkglass Class D power amplifiers to provide players with what Darkglass describe as ‘the pinnacle of headroom’, as well as an improved cabinet simulator and upgraded Darkglass Cab Sim/IR module.

The Microtubes 500v2 serves as an updated version of the company’s best-selling Microtubes 500 head, with switchable vintage Microtubes and B3K analogue/digital distortion circuits and a Blend control allowing for a wide range of thumping tones.

Meanwhile, the Alpha-Omega lets players choose from switchable Alpha and Omega circuits, while a MOD control allows for blending of both distortion engines.

Both new amplifiers also feature a studio-grade VCA compressor and six-band graphic EQ, as well as creature comforts such as an XLR DI output, effects loop and ground lift function.

USB compatibility is also provided to connect to the Darkglass Suite to load an array of impulse responses, making these new amps almost perfectly suited to the needs of the modern bassist.

Find out more about both units from Darkglass Electronics’ website.