Czech minimalist composer Borrtex announces new solo LP Harmony

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Czech minimalist composer Borrtex announces new solo LP Harmony

Words by Will Brewster

The new release lands on December 20.

Borrtex, the 21 year old Czech minimalist piano wunderkind, has announced a new record of solo material slated to drop later this month.

Self-recorded in Prague and set for release on Sunday December 20, Harmony is comprised of twelve drastically varying compositions centred around the piano, with many songs being born out of Borrtex’s own improvisations upon a custom built upright piano.

Across the record, Borrtex strikes a balance between the deft pulses and mesmerising ostinatos typically found in minimalist music with softer, more introspective compositions in the record’s second half, with the nuances of each song weaving into the other to create an uncompromising sonic experience for the listener.

Drenched in melancholy and abundant in rich melodies, striking arrangements and sensational technicality, Harmony is the perfect record to usher in the Christmas spirit, putting a fresh spin on the sounds of neoclassical music for new audiences.

“This solo record is very special to me,” Borrtex said of Harmony in a statement released today. “Most of the ideas came down pretty unexpected while I was improvising on my new custom built acoustic upright piano.

“The creative process felt very enriching and liberating as there was no intention whatsoever, I was just enjoying the music and it all happened very naturally to me, which I find really inspiring… I truly do believe that my new work is going to bring value to other people and hopefully they will enjoy it as well.”

Listen to ‘Fluid’, a single from Harmony, below. Previously, Borrtex’s works have been featured in shows for Netflix, Showtime and HBO, as well as being synced in spots for IKEA, Montblanc and more.

Harmony, the new release from Borrtex, is out on December 20. Preorder it here.