Cole Clark Guitars unveil prototype of next step in their dual output range

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Cole Clark Guitars unveil prototype of next step in their dual output range

One to keep an eye on!

After teasing an electric/acoustic guitar on their socials, Cole Clark Guitars have shown the final prototype.

“A TRUE hybrid with natural sounding acoustic pickup, killer electric tone via a second output and ZERO compromise on either,” their Facebook post read.

With demos during beta testing to come, not a lot of information has been released, but here’s what we know.

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The bare bones and simplified description of the guitar is their thinline acoustic with electric pickups added using all Australian back and sides. The final product is said to feature a port hole of some kind.

At the moment, the prototype features 11 to 53 phos bronze strings with the wound G. “If one wants a plain G, then it’s a different set of magnetic balanced pickups,” Cole Clark said.

Now to a couple of questions some users had that are no doubt running through your mind.

“But If I use acoustic guitar strings, will the electric guitar pickups have uneven reception?” Cole Clark responded: “The acoustic preamp will sound best with acoustic strings so that’s what they’ll come with. We have also created a patented way of balancing the string response with the electric pickups to compensate for the acoustic strings.

“Gorgeous, but seems like a feedback nightmare. How do you keep a humbucker in a big thin box from squealing?” Cole Clark responded: “The key has been to encase it properly. It’s not just popped in. It’s surrounded inside in its own little box essentially. It doesn’t know it’s in an acoustic. It feeds less than an archtop electric and blackwood bring so stuff helps too.

There are no concrete dates for a release as yet, but they’ve flagged production will be in the next couple of months to expect the guitars around mid year. Subject to change, of course. They will be going for $4599 Aus RRP

The guitar will also be on display at the Melbourne Guitar Show, as if you needed another reason to make your way down.

Keep your eyes peeled to Cole Clark’s Facebook page for more details.