Celebrating 50 years of TAMA – the iconic drum manufacturer

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Celebrating 50 years of TAMA – the iconic drum manufacturer

Tama Drums 2024
Words by Mixdown staff

For drummers across the globe the words "TAMA Drums" evokes quality and innovation alike.

50 years of TAMA Drums sees a slew of new products to celebrate some of their most widely used and revered pieces!

50th Limited Superstar Reissue

Released just 2 years after the birth of the TAMA Drums brand, Superstar drums were dynamic and powerful, laying the groundwork for the future of TAMA’s sound. Now, almost 50 years later, the original Superstar drums have been revived as a Limited Edition model to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of TAMA Drums.

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Superstar was the world’s first drum kit to utilize an all-Birch shell, producing the perfect sound for the emerging genres of the time – a sound that captivated the top drummers in the world. The groundbreaking 6-ply/9mm shell design was crucial to Superstar’s monumental success. Thicker than modern drums, these shells achieved powerful attack and deep low end. Honoring TAMA’s 50th Anniversary, the original shells, period correct shell hardware, and matching interior finish deliver a faithful reproduction of the original Superstar.

Available in 4 popular original colors: Aqua Marine, Cherry Wine, Super Mahogany, and Super Maple. After 50 years, we celebrate the origin of TAMA’s sound with the Superstar Reissue.

Mastercraft “The Bell Brass” Snare Drum

In 1980, the Mastercraft Bell Brass snare drum was born. Designed to match the explosive sounds of a new decade in music, the Bell Brass shell delivered the purest snare sound ever achieved. With the original shell sand-cast in the same manner of top quality cymbals and, of course, bells, the shell began as a 12mm cast that was hand-turned down to 3mm thick. Burnished to a natural brass patina for a tone that grew sweeter, warmer, and richer with every passing year, it’s no wonder the Mastercraft Bell Brass snare drum became the most coveted snare drum of the last 50 years.

Widely used in heavy rock music of the 80s and 90s, TAMA’s Bell Brass snare drum came to simply be known as “THE TERMINATOR”. As aggrresive of a sound it produced, it’s versatility was unmatched as it found its way into the hands of the world’s top Jazz & Fusion drummers of the era.

Faithfully reproduced to original specifications as much as modern technology allows, the Mastercraft “The Bell Brass” snare drum 50th Anniversary Reissue brings the iconic & timeless sound to drummers once again.

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