Boss unveils feature-packed DM-101 Delay Machine pedal

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Boss unveils feature-packed DM-101 Delay Machine pedal

Boss DM-101 Delay Machine
words by Mixdown Staff

The Boss DM-101 Delay Machine features both all-analog repeats and modern CPU control.

Boss has introduced the DM-101 Delay Machine, an analog delay pedal that truly pushes the boundaries of the format. This pedal incorporates eight BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) chips, preserving the purity of analog delays while incorporating CPU control, presets, MIDI functionality, and more.

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BBDs first emerged in the 1970s and were featured in Boss’s renowned DM-2 and DM-1 pedals, known for their warm and filtered repeats that audiophiles still swear by today.

By harnessing modern CPU control, Boss aims to deliver the versatility of a digital delay pedal without compromising the authentic analog tone—an ambitious goal that, based on the specifications, seems justified.

The DM-101 boasts twelve modes, including a traditional analog delay with a maximum delay time of 1,200ms, reminiscent of the DM-2, as well as multi-head options and six stereo settings that emphasise the pedal’s unique stereo field.

Boss promises a wide range of tones, from gritty vintage echoes to modern analog sounds with extended high-frequency clarity, pushing beyond the conventional “dark” analog delays.

To enhance user control, the pedal features modulation adjustments, tap tempo for precise delay time adjustment, and a switch to modify the note division. Additionally, a Variation knob allows users to fine-tune specific parameters for each mode.

In line with contemporary digital units, the DM-101 incorporates four onboard memories, MIDI inputs and outputs enabling up to 127 user memories, MIDI sync, and wet/dry rig compatibility. It also offers selectable carryover to sustain trails when the pedal is bypassed, and the option to connect external footswitches and an expression pedal.

The DM-101’s enclosure pays homage to Boss’s first analog delay, the DM-1, adding a nostalgic aesthetic touch to its modern capabilities.

Boss confidently touts the DM-101 as the ultimate analog delay pedal, and when compared to competitors, it certainly presents a compelling case. While tap tempo-equipped analog delays exist, such as MXR’s Carbon Copy Deluxe and DOD’s Rubbernecker, Boss has taken a significant leap forward in various aspects, akin to the DD-500’s impact on the digital delay market.

For more information, head to Boss’ website.