Boss announce Waza Craft BP-1W Booster/Preamp

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Boss announce Waza Craft BP-1W Booster/Preamp

Boss BP-1W
Words by Mixdown staff

The Japanese Waza Craft range now includes the BP-1W Booster/Preamp.

Boss BP-1W

The Waza Craft range from Boss moves to both pay homage to vintage, Japanese made pedals from the industry leader, while redefining them for the modern market. Today sees the addition of the Boss BP-1W.

Waza Craft

More advanced technology allows Boss to re-issue their most famous designs with a few toggles to switch between classic and modern signal paths depending on your needs (or mood that day!)

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Boss CE-1 and Roland RE-201 Space Echo

The BP-1W is the newest in the range, simple Level and Gain allowing you to subtly or overtly boost your signal into an amp or for a solo. Existing units in the range have had some famous preamp sections, and the CE-1 and Roland RE-201 Space Echo are honoured in the BP-1W. Switching to “CE” mode offers the circuitry that made for the ‘almost fuzz’ like sound of chorus royalty, while the Space Echo’s preamp was used for distortion on countless records, all accessible here if you switch to “RE” mode. The middle position, “NAT” offers a clean, transparent boost without the colour of “RE” and “CE” modes.

Boss BP-1W Buffer

The Boss BP-1W is a mono pedal accessible via standard ¼” instrument jacks. Its buffered circuit can be switched between either Standard or Vintage buffer for different colours and tones.

For more info, visit Boss here.