Boss announce GM-800 Guitar Synthesizer

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Boss announce GM-800 Guitar Synthesizer

Boss GM-800 feature
Words by Mixdown staff

The GM-800 has 1200 sounds available, to be used standalone or combined together.

Joining the ranks of the famous range of synths is the Boss GM-800, along with the SY-1000 as a flagship synth pedal from Boss.

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At the heart of the Boss GM-800 is Roland’s ZEN-Core, the same tech that powers their range of Fantom and Jupiter-X synths, as well as their AX-Edge and Aerophone Pro. With unparalleled tracking stability, the GM-800 really helps the player harness a massive array of sounds.

The synth sounds are accessible by using either the GK-5 pickup or GK-5B pickup for bass, available separately. These pickups can also be used with older synth engines, such as the SY-1000 or GP-10, via the newly developed GKC-AD and GKC-DA converter boxes from Boss. The GM-800 has expanded memory and connection to a computer via USB, as well as MIDI I/O, two expression pedal inputs and stereo outputs if required.

Ranging from acoustic guitar to vintage and modern synth sounds, the GM-800 pushes the envelope with boundless creativity, allowing guitarists to write, compose, record and perform with different sounds on an instrument they’re comfortable on. The GM-800 has 1200 sounds available, to be used standalone or combined together within the BOSS Tone Studio, with consistent updates available to the GM-800 Tone Studio from Boss keeping you up to date with their latest.

For local enquiries, visit Boss Australia.