Bad//Dreems guitarist launches new record label

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Bad//Dreems guitarist launches new record label

100 - Mclean Stephenson
Words by Will Brewster

World, meet Endless Recordings.

Alex Cameron, lead guitarist of Adelaide rockers Bad//Dreems, has launched his own independent record label.

Dubbed Endless Recordings, the newly minted label will aim to ‘enrich the music community both here in Australia, as well as abroad’.

The label is set to be managed by Hockey Dad manager Dan Radburn, with photographer McLean Stephenson serving as creative director for forthcoming releases.

According to a press release circulated yesterday, the label will comprise a roster of both emerging and established artists, with international distribution being handled by Believe Digital.

Upon launch, Endless Recordings also shared its four founding principles of the label, as per below:

  • Above all else, we value good music and the people that make it.
  • We consider it vital that musicians are provided with a place to develop their art and make the best work they can.
  • Strength of ideas is more important than genre, fad, trends or hype.
  • Artistic integrity will always come before market-related gains.

The label have announced Sydney punks 100 as their inaugural signing, with the band slated to release their debut single ‘Psych’ through Endless Recordings on November 18.

Find out more via the Endless Recordings website.