Baby Audio release Atoms: a physical modelling synthesizer

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Baby Audio release Atoms: a physical modelling synthesizer

Baby Audio Atoms
Words by Mixdown staff

Atoms is a new kind of synth plugin that uses cutting edge physical modelling to generate an endless variety of organic and otherworldly sounds. Use it to build rich and alive textures the world hasn’t heard before.

Physical modelling simulates the behaviour of real life instruments. But the new plugin from Baby Audio, Atoms, takes you beyond what’s possible in the natural world. Its features are deep enough to explore the outer bounds of sound design, yet so simple that you can easily mangle, shape and create.

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Atoms is powered by a simulation of interconnected masses and springs with tweak-able properties and dimensions. The model is triggered by a virtual bowing action that excites the system and makes it vibrate to generate sound.

Nothing in the natural world is ever truly static. Physical modelling mimics this by generating sounds with the same organic fluctuations as acoustic instruments.

Atoms takes it even further. Its six main parameters can be automated with a selection of powerful motion options to add extra life. This lets you create soundscapes that are constantly shifting and re-generating, like a natural organism.

If you’re used to working with sample libraries, Atoms will bring a new level of otherworldly realism into your tracks.

It’s alive…

At its heart, the Baby Audio plugin Atoms is like a bowed string instrument created in a science lab, living and breathing with a mind of its own. It’s capable of everything from sci-fi ambience to naturalistic string sounds. Since Atoms is based on a virtual acoustic structure, you can think of it like an evolution of a traditional musical instrument.

For more info, visit Baby Audio.