Audient tease their latest EVO release with potentially more inputs?

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Audient tease their latest EVO release with potentially more inputs?

Words by Mixdown Staff

“A new way of doing things”

Audient have teased a new release for their EVO series with a 13-second YouTube video, indicating there may be an increase from the four inputs of the EVO 8.

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The suspicion comes from imagery showing eight input level displays which would fall in line with the gradual increase of inputs the EVO series has seen over its two incarnations.

It is expected we’ll know everything we need to by tomorrow with the full product launch, so keep your eyes peeled to Audient’s website and socials for updates.

See the full clip below.

We commented in our review of the EVO 8: “As a no-fuss, effortlessly versatile little interface with an extremely pristine capture, the EVO 8 instantly jumps to the front of the queue for the army of creatives and home recordists looking for the best quality capture possible, at an accessible price and little in the way of physical footprint. 

“For this kind of application, the EVO 8 is an awesome choice, ticking all the appropriate boxes whilst also having the added flexibility of a more versatile I/O layout.

“Perhaps the crux of the EVO 8 – and where this ‘Evolution’ is on best display – is in how seamlessly Audient’s famous preamp and A/D quality is so excellently replicated in the context of a (very) small interface.”

For local enquiries about the EVO or other Audient products, head to Studio Connections.