Antares unveil Auto-Tune Vocodist for vintage to modern vocoder effects

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Antares unveil Auto-Tune Vocodist for vintage to modern vocoder effects

Words by Sam McNiece

Featuring an in-built synthesiser.

Antares, creators of the industry standard vocal tuning plugin Auto-Tune have just released Vocodist, a vocoder that uses their tuning technology. The new plugin models over 20 classic vocoders and an in-built synthesiser which can be played just using your voice.

What you need to know:

  • Antares have released the Auto-Tune Vocodist plugin, which is a vocoder with additional functionality.
  • Vocodist has an in-built synthesiser so you can create classic and modern vocoder sounds without any external synth or plugin.
  • Utilising their industry standard vocal tuning technology, the plugin can be used without a keyboard, tracking pitch from your vocal or instrument input.

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Auto-Tune Vocodist functions as you’d expect. There’s filter bands to break up the sound which can be moved, spread and have their volume adjusted individually. With most other vocoder plugins you’ll have to use an external plugin to input synth sounds which will be modulated by your voice, but not here. There’s an in-built two oscillator synthesiser that can be triggered by your voice or by playing MIDI notes.

Utilising one of the twenty modelled vocoders as a starting point, your vocals can sound like a classic ’70s robot or a harsh industrial style effect through using this plugin. With MIDI input, it’s possible to play chords with the synthesiser to create lush and wide sound palettes. If you’re keen to use an external sound as the carrier in the vocoder, that’s possible too.

There’s a few effects for you to dial in to taste which can be altered on the fly using the XY pad for a touch of creative control while performing. For those unfamiliar with how vocoders work, there’s a handy tutorial at the start to show you the ins and outs, plus how to route audio and MIDI to the plugin.

Auto-Tune Vocodist is available now and is included in the Auto-Tune Unlimited subscription.

For more information on Auto-Tune Vocodist, head to Antares.