Ampeg release the first official SVT Suite bass amp plugin

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Ampeg release the first official SVT Suite bass amp plugin

Words by Will Brewster

It's the brand's first ever foray into software modelling.

Marking a company first for the long-standing amplification giants, Ampeg have released a plugin that bundles three of their most iconic bass amplifiers into one convenient software suite.

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SVT Suite offers producers and in-the-box bassists with authentic emulations of three classic SVT heads, including the historic low-end of the Heritage 50th Anniversary SVT, Heritage SVT-CL and SVT-4PRO.

The plugin boasts a photorealistic graphic interface with different views for Amp, Cab and FX modes, letting you interact with the software just as you would a conventional amplifier.

Ampeg’s SVT Suite also offers users with a choice of eight Ampeg speaker cabinets, including 8 x 10″, 6 x 10″, 2 x 12″ and 1 x 15″ models, as well as six adjustable virtual microphone models to blend with them, with the ability to load up third-party impulse responses also being integrated.

Additionally, the plugin contains emulations of a number of Ampeg’s own effects pedals, with units such as the Liquifier Analogue Chorus, Opto Comp Analogue Optical Compressor and Scrambler Bass Overdrive pedals being included on top of brand new Rocktaver and Phasifier models.

If that’s not enough tone for you, the plugin also features a virtual version of Ampeg’s SVT-DI studio direct box, letting you achieve classic straight-in DI’d tones with ease. There’s even 50+ factory presets included from Artists and Producers to get you started.

“For the first time ever, we’re offering the amp that redefined rock bass tone in a plugin format,” said Dino Monoxelos, Ampeg Brand Marketing Manager. “No third parties, no proprietary hardware, just straight-up bass tone direct from Ampeg, the most trusted name in bass.

“And for all those who want SVT tone without having to move a large amp, or make room for it in a small studio, what could be better than having three of our finest SVT heads, a bevy of Ampeg cabinets, and a great selection of mics and effects pedals, all in a single plugin?”

The Ampeg SVT Suite is available to download today in 64-bit AAX, AU and VST formats. If you’re keen to try before you buy, a 15-day free trial of the plugin can be accessed via Ampeg’s website.

Check out an overview of Ampeg’s SVT Suite below.

Head to Ampeg for all the details. For Australian enquiries, get in touch with Yamaha Music Australia.