Alex Lifeson, guitarist of Rush, announces LERXST amplifiers

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Alex Lifeson, guitarist of Rush, announces LERXST amplifiers

Alex Lifeson LERXST
Words by Mixdown staff

OMEGA is Alex Lifeson’s signature amplifier and the flagship of the LERXST line.

Alex Lifeson has announced the launch of LERXST, a new family of amplifiers inspired by the Rush guitarist’s five decades of musical exploration on the guitar while also offering modern players a versatile tonal platform upon which to build their own sonic identity.

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LERXST amplifiers offer a diverse palette of sounds that range from crystal-clear cleans to raging arena rock sounds and everything in between, supplemented with key features like power-scaling and serial effects loops to suit the needs of the next generation of sonic explorers, all designed to the exacting specifications of Alex Lifeson, hand crafted in the USA by Mojotone. The initial launch includes the OMEGA amplifier head, CHI amplifier head and combo, and an accompanying range of matching guitar cabinets. For more information and to purchase LERXST amplifiers, please click here.

OMEGA is the Alex Lifeson signature amplifier and the flagship of the LERXST line. This British-voiced amplifier head features footswitchable clean and lead channels with a shared 3-band EQ, meaning a consistent tonal foundation between sounds while still offering shimmering cleans, gutsy rhythm crunch, and soaring lead tones. The amplifier has a switchable 50/25 watt power section to give it an equally usable powerband on large stages as well as in small clubs and the studio as well as a high-quality serial effects loop perfect for utilizing modulation and time-based effects. Lifeson’s signature sounds are easily within reach with OMEGA, but its versatile, characterful sounds are equally useful for players looking to chase their own creative muses and sonic landscapes. In addition to its standard version, OMEGA will also be offered in a Limited Edition Hand Wired version for a short time.

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