Acustica Audio unveil Acqua White3 mastering plugin suite

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Acustica Audio unveil Acqua White3 mastering plugin suite

Words by Sam McNiece

Modelled from custom Italian mastering hardware.

Exquisite Italian plugin developers Acustica Audio have just announced plugin versions of White Sound Mastering’s esoteric hardware mastering effects. The EQ and preamp have been meticulously replicated from the original units and look exactly like the real thing.

What you need to know:

  • Acustica Audio have modelled specialty mastering equipment for their Acqua series White3 plugins.
  • Using hardware from renowned Italian mastering engineer Tommy Bianchi, these two plugins model equipment used in the White Sound Mastering studio.
  • Two recreations of WSM units are on offer here, with a P-style solid state EQ and a dual line preamplifier with filter cutoff designed specifically for mastering purposes.

Read all the latest product news here.

Based on a solid state Pultec style EQ, the White3 PEQ 2.0 is a dual mono plugin that uses both boosts and cuts at low and high frequencies. It might seem odd to the uninitiated as to why you would want to boost and cut around the same frequency but it can attain very specialised results inherent to the mastering process.

Each channel is independent of each other with low boosts and cuts available to be set from 20-120Hz, high boosts available for 1.5-16kHz and high cuts within 5-20kHz. There’s an overall knob for changing the Q (resonance) of the EQ filters from broad to sharp.

In addition to this, there is three modelled preamps available for adding a touch of saturation before the EQ process for that distinct analog flavour.

The preamp plugin, White3 FLT-2.0 is a dual line passive preamplifier with filters created with mastering specifically in mind. There’s multiple mastering cutting filters available which are applied by simply one knob.

These two plugins are designed to work together and will suit anyone looking for unique and powerful mastering tools.

Head to Acustica Audio for more information on these two White3 plugins.