Acustica add three new Sienna expansions to the mix

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Acustica add three new Sienna expansions to the mix

(Source: Acustica)
Words by Sam McNiece

Modelling some famous studios and Italian nightclubs

Acustica, who have left their mark on the audio world through their groundbreaking approach to replication of hardware with Nebula, expand upon their new venture, Sienna, offering three new expansion packs for its users.

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Sienna is a software that emulates spaces and more specifically speakers within spaces, giving you the sound of very expensive control rooms without the need for sound-proofing and spending all your hard earned money. It actually goes beyond this, modelling over 200 headphones in which to properly emulate the room by flattening the response of said headphones.

These new expansions, volumes D, E and F, add to the already existing emulated spaces. Volume D gives you emulations of the following studios, Spitfire Mastering, Alari Park, Pinaxa Studio, The Shelter Studio, Marco Borsatti Sound and Energy Mastering.

Vol. E is an interesting one, giving you access to a Milan theatre, two Italian nightclubs and a supermarket. From these, you have models of 35 different emulations. Volume F features an additional six studios.

If you’re interested in how this software works, check out our review.

Watch Sienna in action below.

All three expansions of Sienna are available now via their website.