A-Trak steps out with signature edition Rane Seventy battle mixer

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A-Trak steps out with signature edition Rane Seventy battle mixer

rane seventy a-trak mixer
(Source: Rane)
Words by Sam McNiece

The turntablist and DJ collaborates for a hefty custom mixer

Canadian turntablist A-Trak, who you may know from 2010s single ‘Barbra Streisand’ and from being Kanye West’s original touring DJ, has teamed up with Rane for a signature mixer. The collaboration adds new functionality to Rane’s Seventy mixer and looks solid as ever.

What you need to know:

  • Rane has partnered with A-TRAK to release the Seventy A-Trak Signature Edition DJ Battle Mixer.
  • The new mixer is housed in a solid-steel construction adding MPC performance pads and 3 Mag Four faders.
  • A brand new feature named Fader-FX uses the upfader position to control performance effects and oscillators.

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A-Trak’s custom Seventy mixer looks professional. There’s new aluminium capped rotary style knobs along with a stunning silver finish and an A-Trak logo cleverly using the crossfader as the middle dash.

Fader-FX, a new feature for this mixer, adds four effects and four tone generators which can be controlled by the upfaders on each channel. Performance effects include Filter, Roll, Pitch and Ring Modulator while the tones available are Sine, Sawtooth, Square and Triangle whose root key and octave can be changed in the settings.

As Rane and Akai are owned by the same parent company, this mixer has access to the iconic Akai Professional MPC performance pads, which can control a range of functions on the Seventy. Slick, contactless MAG FOUR faders are available on channel and cross fader spots.

“I worked with the engineers at Rane to customise the sound curve to suit, a little bit more, my style” says A-Trak on the new mixer. There is a bump to the low end which is a welcome addition to anyone playing dance music who wants a bit more oomf from their setup.

The mixer comes shipped with two 10″ Serato Sticker Lock Control Vinyl and custom stickers to deck out your DJ equipment.

Check out A-Trak performing on his new Signature Seventy Rane mixer below.

For more information on this mixer head to Rane, and for local enquiries get in touch with Electric Factory.