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Name: Jaben Audio
Location: Shop 2, 398 Lonsdale St Melbourne VIC 3000
Established:  November, 2011
Hours Of Operation: Monday to Thursday 10:30am – 6:00pm, Friday 10:30am – 7:00pm, Saturday 10:30am – 6:00pm and Sunday closed.


What are the main brands and musical products you specialise in?
We’re the first and best “serious” headphone store in Melbourne’s CBD, specialising in headphones, earphones and headphone amplifiers. We stock products from around the world such as Shure, Bang & Olufsen, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and more. However, it’s the cool hand picked brands like Audiofly, Aiaiai, Oppo, Final Audio, Fitear, Sensaphonics, Audeze and Grado that gives the store its buzz and makes us unique. We cater to everyone from audiophiles, musicians, DJ’s and everyday listener on the train alike. We’re here to help if you love your music… and who doesn’t? We’re sure you’ll find something you love here. 



Are there any services you offer in store for musicians?
A real highlight we can offer is a range of Custom In-Ear Monitors for live performance and high end listening. We can produce ear impressions on site and can offer in depth advice to help find the perfect sound for you. On top of our selection, we’re one of only a small handful shops in the world to sell earphones from FitEar Japan, and the first in Australia to retail the world renowned Chicago based Sensaphonics, who are establishing a lab just down the road from us! We can also fit you out with a killer set of studio headphones for all sorts of needs!


Tell us about your staff?
Our staff is made up of musicians, sound technicians and engineers. Busy working long into the night trying out the products we stock. When they’re not gigging they’re in store drinking copious amounts of coffee and cherry picking the best products to bring you the very best in value when you walk in store!


What is your point of difference?
You can try before you buy! We have a wall of headphones all ready for your ears to listen to and explore. If earphones are you thing, we also have a huge array of options to audition. If you’re looking for that next step, we also have a variety of hi-res audio players and amps to audition as well. Whether it’s for a minute or an hour, our customers are welcome to spend as much time auditioning headphones as they like. Customer satisfaction and service is very important to us and we always do our best to help and share our love for headphones.



Lastly, where did the bear come from?
The bear comes from Jaben’s inception at a small shop in Singapore in 2005. Legend goes the don of Jaben –  the well respected Wilson “Uncle Wilson” Yong, identified at various times in his life as Mr. Miyagi’s lookalike or Danny DeVito’s Asian clone – started a headphone shop with the idea of creating a fun and interesting experience for casual listeners and audiophiles alike. In the shop’s infancy it didn’t have enough headphones to fill the store and the solution came in filling the remaining space with teddy bears. As Jaben quickly grew in popularity and began to appear around the world, so did the Jaben bears.



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