Giveaway: Audio Simplified Pedal Pusher

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Giveaway: Audio Simplified Pedal Pusher

audio simplified pedal pusher front and back faces

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Audio Simplified’s awesome new Pedal Pusher Rack unit is an all in one breakout box, designed to seamlessly integrate the myriad of pedal specific effects into the modern studio workflow while also serving as an awesome central power supply for all your pedal requirements.

The brainchild of industry veteran Jim Milkes, Audio Simplified are a micro-boutique manufacturer who (like their name would suggest) specialise in the manufacture and design of handmade bespoke audio solutions aimed at simplifying the trickier side of audio, in this case integrating instrument level effects into the recording chain.

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This competition will close on Thursday November 4, 2021, and winners will be notified within two days of competition closure.

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