What do Jupiter, Mapex, Majestic, Hercules, Altus, Lanikai and XO brands have in common?

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What do Jupiter, Mapex, Majestic, Hercules, Altus, Lanikai and XO brands have in common?

Jupiter KHS
Words by Lewis Noke Edwards

Jupiter’s range, coupled with a huge catalogue of spare parts, ensure your instrument can be your go-to for as long as you need it. Their offering of spare parts speaks to their commitment to understanding the plight of the musicians, educators, retailers and instrument repairers. Musicians have a lifelong connection to their instruments.

Jupiter are a market-leader in wind and brass instruments, produced out of Taiwan. They coexist under the KHS group umbrella of brands alongside brands like XO Brass, Nomad stands, Majestic Orchestra Percussion, Altus, Azumi flutes, all of these imported and distributed by Musical Merchandisers in Australia. While this is a lot to take in, all of this is to say that Jupiter are a trusted and globally respected brand which has the backing of KHS group, one of the world’s largest instrument manufacturers.

They offer unparalleled bang-for-buck, both in their instruments and the five year warranty that they come with thanks to Musical Merchandisers. Established in 1960, Musical Merchandisers boasts a rich lineage in the industry dating back to the 1920s, proudly operated by a family that spans four generations.Venturing past the realm of KHS brands, Music Merch, as they’re fondly referred to in the industry, also distribute celebrated names like Washburn Guitars and Coyote Percussion. 

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Jupiter is a distinguished name in the world of woodwind, and offer a whole range of instruments for players of all levels. There’s multiple options and finishes available whatever your discipline, from the piccolo to flute, clarinet to saxophone, Baritone Horn to Tubas available. Varying levels are on offer from the 500 to 700 student series up to Performance series, allowing for options regardless of budget and skill, with every instrument being able to hold its own against any competing brand in the market. It’s for this reason that Jupiter are amongst the world’s best; they’re an investment and a great instrument to have alongside you, even as you advance and progress!

Jupiter quality

Their brass range is even more comprehensive, making up the bulk of a school band or orchestra. Again, these vary from Standard up to Performance level ranges across a catalogue of trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns, trombones, french horns, alto horns, baritone, euphoniums and tubas. Their range of horns are available in varying sizes for students and players of different ages, with varying finishes available depending on your style or preference. Again, there’s a huge range of spare parts available to ensure longevity of your playing and instrument, as well as that five year warranty for peace of mind.

Hugely popular for students is the full range of concert brass instruments from trumpets to French Horns and Tubas, and everything in between. Special mention must go to the FiberBrass sousaphones that feature a hybrid body for an easier and lighter carry, without a compromise in sound.

The focus here is that Jupiter have an offering for the entire range of brass instruments, so they’re a one-stop shop, and they’re all built to exacting specifications in Taiwan, upholding Jupiter’s commitment to quality instruments for the budding students, seasoned professionals, teachers and hobbyists alike. Retailers take note!

Jupiter is the key offering under the suite of KHS brands, and are shoulder to shoulder with some world-class instruments and accessory companies. Musical Merchandisers import six brands into Australia from KHS’s family: Jupiter, XO brass, Nomad stands, Majestic Orchestra Percussions, Altus flutes, and Azumi flutes.

Instruments aside, KHS group also produce Hercules Stands with Nomad Stands being their more accessible house brand which provide some world-class solutions to keeping your instrument safe when not playing, or securing your sheet music for rehearsal or performance, their robust build quality instilling confidence and allowing you to focus on your playing. Nomad Stands’ range extends beyond traditional, brass, woodwind and orchestral and has products for guitar and bass (including options for racking multiple instruments), and stands for microphones and keyboards.

Jupiter flutes

KHS group, a leading company in the flute industry, boasts two world-class Japanese flute brands, Altus and Azumi, which have garnered acclaim globally among top flautists. Altus is celebrated for its high-end flutes, positioning itself as one of the premier choices in the market. Complementing this, its sister brand Azumi offers an impressive array of flutes. Equipped with Altus head joints, Azumi flutes are tailored for advanced intermediate to professional players, seamlessly bridging the gap in KHS’s range between the Jupiter and Altus brands.

Beyond Musical Merchandisers unparalleled brass and woodwind range, they also distribute Majestic Orchestra Percussion. This brand specialises in high-quality orchestral percussion instruments and is distinguished by its world-class standards and an impressive roster of accomplished artists.

From orchestra bells, chimes and marimbas to vibraphones, marimbas and xylophones, Majestic Orchestra Percussion have an offering for orchestras or school bandleaders looking to elevate their performances and arrangement with specialised percussion. 

Beyond more traditional orchestral instruments, H Jimenez also fall under the KHS umbrella of brands, a company focused on building traditional Mexican stringed instruments like bajo quintos, guitarrons, both steel and nylon string guitars and more!

Musical Merchandisers have aligned themselves with only the best instruments from the KHS group’s family. Most notably Jupiter for their comprehensive and accessible catalogue of high-quality wind, brass and concert band instruments.

Each brand under KHS group showcases the company’s long-standing commitment to excellence, a focus since 1930, particularly in music and music education. As an industry titan, KHS offer reliable and quality choices for students, professionals and school bands with a series of solutions far beyond your first instrument, offering something for every step of your journey.”

For local Jupiter enquiries, visit Musical Merchandisers,or check out their catalogue below.