Seven must see virtual events at the upcoming Integrate Virtual Expo

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Seven must see virtual events at the upcoming Integrate Virtual Expo

integrate expo
Words by Eli Duxson

Walking you through some of the many events running at the Audio-Visual virtual trade show to get comfortable at home and indulge in.

Australia’s largest Audio-Visual trade show, Integrate, is just around the corner featuring internationally renowned speakers with a paid ticket earning you CTS points to ensure your training is up to date, as well as access to many virtual discussions and meetings.

We highlight seven of the many great events we are looking forward to as many prepare to adjust to the ‘new normal’. Thanks COVID!

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Virtual Meeting Hub

(All Day Wednesday/Thursday)

Anyone who has ever been to an Integrate Expo before will surely remember the meeting rooms, where all the big conversations take place and all the big connections are made. Networking with industry peers is an important part of the real-world Integrate experience and this same spirit carries over into the digital domain, with this year’s virtual meeting hub providing attendees with a host of digital rooms with which to meet one another and mingle.

You can also explore exhibitors and connect with manufacturers including such esteemed names as Madison AV, EPOS Audio, Axis Communications, Corsair, and Milestone Systems.

The New Future Blended Workspace

(Wednesday 17 November 11-11:45pm AEST)

As a ‘life after Covid’ looms and state restrictions start to ease nationwide, questions about the future workspace will no doubt need to be answered. The first presentation of the day deals with the concept of future blended workspaces and how AV can evolve to integrate tech and space moving forward.

 Featuring discussions using current case studies that address these changes, Ben Daffy (PRO AV Solutions), Ben Moore (Arup), Essam Refai (Aurecon), and Landell Archer (Elypsys) give us a taste of what’s to come in this rapidly evolving corner of the AV industry.

The Importance of Acoustic Design Prior to the Install

(Wednesday 17 November 12-12:30pm AEST)

Harman Professional Solutions’ Peter Moses utilises his experience in “good sounding spaces” for a range of fields including sports and entertainment, critical listening, hospitality and more to cover just how and why Acoustic Modelling is vital to the success of spot on, targeted, audio installations.

Discussing the complete process he will cover early stage, conceptual drafts and interpreting vague customer descriptions, through to the modelling process and the tools you can use (free and paid), and how to present and measure the final outcome.

User Experience in Technology Design

(Wednesday 17 November 1-1:50pm AEST)

Aurecon’s Senior Technology Consultant Essam Refai heads this presentation discussing how the foundation and methodologies of User Experience can be applied to improve the way we deliver to our clients, how we can design for experiences before technologies for an optimal and exceptional clients and customer experience.

Digital Transformation – The New Normal in Education?

(Wednesday 17 November 2-2:45pm AEST)

As the world succumbed to a pandemic, the education sector was left puzzled as to how to deliver classes that needed students accessing and using technology such as audio engineering or broader media.

University lecturers and industry professionals will discuss how institutions with different needs and budgets can approach fully implementing learning’s new normal.

The Changing Face of Mental Health at Work

(Wednesday 17 November 3-3:55pm AEST)

Day one closes with a Q&A session discussing what mental health challenges individuals might face as they return to work during the age of COVID-19 and with infection prevention measures in place, what lessons we can bring from 2020 into 2021 which enhance the workplace, the importance and reliance on employers to provide a predictable and safe environment given the external factors have become less predictable in recent times, and further questions surrounding Employee Assistance Programs.

The panel includes Orla Mallinson (Pro AV Solutions), Brian Nash (ICC Sydney), Graham Evans (Executive Insight Pty Ltd), and Pete Swanson (Mott MacDonald).

The Current State of Conferencing and Collaboration

(Thursday 18 November 2021 3pm-4pm AEST)

As you are probably well aware, the last couple of years have seen some incredible leaps being taken in the field of conferencing and remote collaboration, as we make our way out of the pandemic and slowly adjust to the ‘new normal’. With Digital Communication proving one of the few saving graces of the Covid 19 era, our expert panel share their insights on where conferencing and collaboration are now, a year and a half after the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped our world. Plus, their predictions on where we are going next.

Geoff Crane (EPOS Audio), Jason Macbride (Poly), Rod Brown (AVIXA), and Andy Penman (Technology Core) are all on hand for what is sure to be a fascinating exploration of the  various technical innovations birthed from what has been, a truly unprecedented set of circumstances.

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