Integrate 2021: The road to virtual

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Integrate 2021: The road to virtual

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Words by Mixdown Staff

Going virtual was difficult for some through COVID, but with time, knowledge, and resources on their side, Integrate was all over it

It’s often said that crisis is one of the key drivers of innovation. Needless to say, the COVID era has provided plenty of opportunities for breaking new ground in a technological sense, especially in regards to replicating real world experiences in a solely digital space. 

What you need to know:

  • Australasia’s largest audio-visual Integrate Expo has gone virtual for the first time in 2021.
  • If any industry expo was capable of going virtual, it would be Integrate focusing on the cutting-edge industry advancements, particularly on COVID’s presentation of the ‘new normal’.
  • A paid ticket will earn you CTS points to ensure your training is up to date, as well as access to many virtual discussions and meetings with Melbourne’s own Collarts emerging as a world leader in remote solutions for the audio education sector.

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One area which has proved particularly fruitful in regards to cutting-edge technical advancement has been in the relatively new fields of remote conferencing and virtual presentation, which with the constantly shifting variables of government and geographical barriers  

Integrate is Australia’s largest audio-visual trade show, and has for years been the most important day on the Australian AV calendar, emerging as something of a beehive for all things audio-visual, installation, comms, and security in the tech space. Given the nature of the aforementioned industries, perhaps it should probably come as no surprise that seamless manner in which they have been able to transition from the previous physical expo of years past, to this year’s all virtual Exhibition. 

The leading AV event usually hosts visitors and suppliers coming from all over the world offering you the opportunity to discover the latest cutting-edge innovations in the industry and talk to the specialists behind these leading products, presenting an unrivalled networking opportunity to meet annually and exchange news and insights. 

With an extensive list of exhibitors showcasing their latest products and services in AV and interactive technologies as well as the most extensive AV education and training program featuring internationally renowned speakers, global brands and product specialists, alongside accredited AVIXA training programs, this year’s Integrate is more than worth the wait.

Usually when we hear the word ‘solutions’ in audio, it’s often something really dry and logistics based, but seeing what Integrate have in store for this year’s conference, as well as the manner in which they have been able to navigate this unique set of challenges so effectively, proves a fascinating case study into just how far the technology has come in regards to delivering these kinds of virtual experiences in the events sector.

With a full education program, peer-to-peer networking and a virtual show floor to explore, Integrate Virtual is both a celebration of new ideas and technologies, and an important opportunity to meet up with industry peers to talk plans for the coming year, serving as a central hub of what are some of the fastest growing industries worldwide. 

Event Manager Noren Sorgaard said that “going virtual brings with it some great opportunities”. 

“It certainly makes it easier to connect with peers and hear from leading industry experts not just nation-wide, but on a global scale and from the comfort of your own home or office.

“We hope that by delivering a virtual platform, we can continue to drive industry engagement, thought leadership and help our buyers source the products they need to navigate this increasingly transforming world,” he said.

With Integrate Virtual inadvertently providing the perfect platform to showcase advancements in both the broader comms and conferencing technologies, it’s no surprise that this year’s Expo is also the perfect opportunity to shine a light on the importance of audio peripherals in the digital space, especially seeing that this is largely the lens through which this year’s Expo will primarily be experienced.

Geoff Crane from world-leading Danish enterprise/gaming peripheral manufacturer, EPOS, knows firsthand the shifting paradigm of the modern virtual experience and the important role quality transducers play in the grand scheme of all this.

As manufacturers of headphones and mics for such high stakes applications as professional e-sports and air traffic control (not to mention a full range of specialised headphones for conferencing applications), EPOS have a particularly unique understanding of the importance of playback intelligibility and what it means in the context of a virtual event like this, and the irony is not lost on Geoff.

“While there have been some challenges, it is so good to finally go live with this year’s event,” he said.

“With EPOS specialising in so many different conferencing and collaboration technologies, this year has provided an awesome opportunity to see what we could do in the virtual event space”.

A paid ticket will earn you CTS points to ensure your training is up to date, as well as access to many virtual discussions and meetings with Melbourne’s own Collarts emerging as a world leader in remote solutions for the audio education sector.

Anyone looking to attend this year’s Integrate Virtual Expo should jump on their website to book their ticket before it’s too late. 

Register for Integrate here and purchase a ticket to the Integrate & AVIXA Speaker Series here.