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Wil Wagner main.jpg

What Piece Of Equipment Do You Have To Show Us Today? 

I have a 1976 Fernandes Stratocaster copy.


How Did You Come Across This Particular Item? 

I bought it from Music Swop Shop in Melbourne. 


What Is It That You Like So Much About It?

I love old Japanese guitars, I have a gold top copy, a les Paul Jnr copy and another strat. This one leapt out at me in the store because it has P-90s instead of the normal strat pick ups. I love the combination of the natural stratocaster jangle with the thickness of a P-90 neck pick up. This guitar sounds to me how I always wanted a jazzmaster to sound, jangly and punchy but with a nice fat bottom end. It also has the best neck I’ve ever felt, its smooth and really well worn. 


How Do You Use It, And How Has It Shaped The Way You Write Music?

I use it as my main live guitar and my main rhythm guitar in the studio. Because it has such a balanced sound I can play little riffs amongst chords and they cut through really nicely. It also sound incredible fuzzed up and there are parts of songs that I’m always excited to play because I can hear this guitar through my fuzz and two amps and it kicks arse.


Any Other Interesting Points/Stories About It?

There is an amazing quote on the headstock that says ‘our purpose is that we, Fernandes Electric Sound Research Group, express the musicians mind changed into music exactly. To researching the excellence of total balance that our instruments have to be’.



Tell Us A Little Bit About What You Have Coming Up?

I am doing a bunch of solo shows around the country this month. And, we’re gonna release a new Smith Street Band album on our new label, Pool House records, and then go on tour forever!


More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me by The Smith Street Band will be released through Pool House Records on Friday April 7 and is available to preorder now.