Video Premiere: Rya Park steps out with the release of ‘The Lucky Ones’

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Video Premiere: Rya Park steps out with the release of ‘The Lucky Ones’

Co-written and produced with Slum Sociable’s Ed Quinn, ‘The Lucky Ones’ is a gleaming showcase of Park’s artistic potential. Driven by an addictively groovy backbeat and a soaring, melancholic chorus, ‘The Lucky Ones’ sees Park embrace a much more mature sonic identity as a songwriter, exploring themes of isolation and being apart from the one you love.


The end result makes for a nostalgic, picturesque ode to loving in the modern age, and serves as a tantalising example of what to expect from next year’s Lexapro EP. 


“I wrote this song just after a trip to New York with my boyfriend,” Rya said of ‘The Lucky Ones’ in a statement released today. “I surprised him in Times Square and he had no idea that I was coming. When I got back to Melbourne I was reminiscing on all the good times we had and thought about how it would feel to have all that taken away from me. I do feel lucky to be with him and it would break my heart if we ever weren’t together. It was slightly painful exploring this but I’m super happy with how it turned out. 


“Working with Ed Quinn (Cregan) from Slum Sociable is just a dream. He’s so slick and clean with his production and he’s so fun to work with. We have a great writing chemistry and this song came together pretty effortlessly for us both.” 


If her performance on the song didn’t already showcase her talents enough, ‘The Lucky Ones’ is also accompanied by a stellar music video, shot and edited by Rya herself. Comprised of stock and self-shot footage from Rya’s own trip to New York, it’s a fitting tribute to the enduring magic of the Big Apple, and demonstrates Park’s talent as a multi-faceted creative. 


“I was in a mental health clinic recently and I decided to make the music video while I was in there,” Rya explained to Mixdown Magazine. “It’s all I did for like two days. Afterwards, I felt very proud of what I had done! Obviously because of being in lockdown we can’t film anything, so I had to get creative! I wanted to capture the nostalgia in the song through these videos.”


Watch the video premiere of ‘The Lucky Ones’ below.



‘The Lucky Ones’ is out now on all streaming services.