Tyne-James Organ’s five favourite Australian acts

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Tyne-James Organ’s five favourite Australian acts

Written by Tyne-James after witnessing a female friend being assaulted on a night out, ‘Hold Me Back’ delivers a powerful message, juggling heat-of-the-moment anger with calculated sensibility to depict a harrowing incident that’s all too familiar for many. It shows a huge degree of maturity for Tyne-James Organ, and poises him as one of the most promising Australian singer-songwriters on the scene today.



Raised among surf and sand on the coast of New South Wales, Tyne-James Organ’s also quite a music buff, and by all accounts, has his finger on the pulse of all the best tunes from the area. To get to know his tastes a bit better, we hit up Tyne-James Organ to find out about some of his favourite bands from around Australia.



TJO: “These guys are some of my best mates from Wollongong who I grew up with. Learnt a lot from the lead singer Zach Gervaise over the years – I’m obsessed with his songwriting.


“These guys make some heartfelt rock music. To be honest, I’m shit with genres so rock might be wrong, but their music is fucking amazing. Definitely a band I wouldn’t sleep on. I’ve had a sneak peek at some of their new tunes coming this year and all I can say is BE READY. GOSH are coming!”




TJO: “The talent Sycco has is scary. As soon as I first heard her single ‘Nicotine’ I instantly became  hooked. The phrasing, melodies and lyrics hit me hard every time. Fun fact; I swear she plays every bloody instrument under the sun. I’m very jealous of it. I find Sycco’s music very dreamy and I feel hopeful after every listen.”




TJO: “More hot topic from Wollongong! These guys came on tour with me back in 2017 and they are a bunch of legends. Fucking funny too. Watching them develop these last few years has been a great watch and they’ve got big things coming I can feel it.


“It’s sick seeing people starting to really engage with what they’re doing. Their fashion is bullshit good too which in my opinion is a big bonus.”




TJO: “I only first heard of this guy a few months back but his single ’Slow’ is something special. As a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer, Hauskey has a bunch under his belt. I hear similar sounds to artists like Rex Orange County, but in his own unique way. I love it. Can’t wait to hear more!!!”




TJO: “I love Hallie’s music. Honesty rings in my ears when I listen. Her voice is stunning and her songwriting is well beyond her years. I can’t wait to see her set live. She has some wild merch, I recommend checking out her socks! They’re very, very dope.


“Brisbane has a crazy scene right now and I think Hallie is going to blow before anyone realises it. Don’t sleep on it.”



Listen to Tyne-James Organ’s new single ‘Hold Me Back’.