Show & Tell: Hinds

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Show & Tell: Hinds

What piece of equipment do you have to show us today? 

Hello!! Carlotta here –  so glad to show you our gear currently, because it has changed a lot during these years! At the moment our live show goes with two guitars, one keyboard, one bass and drums. Keyboards are so brand new, they appeared only from this third album. so instrument per instrument:


Ade: Her bass guitar is a 1966 Kalamazoo KB1 – so unique.

Anna: Her guitar is a Fender American Jazzmaster, and her keyboards are Casio (Ade and I actually gave them to her as a present for her birthday, haha!).

Amber: Her cymbals are Zildjian and the drumkit/snare is all Gretsch – plus a Roland SPD-SX. 

Carlotta: I literally 3 days ago got a brand new Gibson SG Standard Ebony three days ago! I’ve been playing Danelectros all these years, but I think this Gibson is exactly what I need for the sound of album three. Then when it comes to amps, we all use Fender. I use a Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 IV and Ana uses a Hot Rod Deluxe IV. Ade uses a Bassman 810 Neo Enclosure + Bassman 100T


How did you come across these items?

I think the coolest story is how Ade got her bass guitar. it was the very last day of an American tour – we were in New York and our flight was in the afternoon, so we had like the morning off for packing and doing some press and stuff. She was looking for a bass during the whole tour and that morning she felt like she was going to find the perfect one. She ended up in this store in Brooklyn called Pentatonic Guitars, and she felt in love with her Kalamazoo. She only can play bass guitars that are short scale, so when she was looking for her perfect bass it wasn’t that easy! That Kalamazoo belonged to the band Blonde Redhead before. It sounds so special and genuine, it’s irreplacable. 


What do you all love about your gear?

What I like the most about our gear is that it has grown up with us. We all started with such cheap instruments – even borrowed ones. Ana used to play with my brother’s old guitar. It was like a fake Epiphone, in green, still with some stickers from skate brands LOL. The pick-ups were completely broken and it got detuned after three chords, but we’ve got to admit it was such a cool guitar!


Ade used to play a Bronco Bass that we also gave her for her birthday, and I used to play a Danelectro my boyfriend gave me for my birthday too… I guess what I mean is that nobody had money to buy “decent” instruments. We had to wait for our birthdays and collaborate with more people to be able to afford a guitar basically.


How does your gear help shape the way you play or write music?

The sound of the instrument never really bothered us when writing music, because a good song is a good song even if you play it with the shittiest guitar. So, don’t get crazy about gear if you’re starting writing songs: having a more expensive guitar won’t lead you to write millionaire riffs.


Tell us a little about what you have coming up?

A magnificent third album coming out in June! Full of new sounds and weird shit. We’ve played around the studio for the first time in our career, we’ve kinda chosen a production instead of trying to reflect the live show in a record, and… it felt amazing!



Hinds will release their fourth album The Prettiest Curse via Pod / Inertia Music on Friday June 5.