Show & Tell: Eric Steckel

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Show & Tell: Eric Steckel

What piece of equipment do you have to show us today?


The piece of gear I’m showing to you all today is my signature Eric Steckel model guitar with a company called Knaggs Guitars based in Maryland, USA and run by master luthier Joe Knaggs.


How did you come across this particular item?


Actually, this piece of gear found me. Last year Knaggs Guitars approached me to develop my dream guitar with them to release on the market as a signature model and we immediately got to work designing a lightweight singlecut, double-humbucker beast that fits me like a glove.


What is it that you like about it so much?


The guitar weighs less than 7.9 pounds and sustains for days, yet has a smooth fast neck that most guitars of this style lack. We kept it simple with a solid mahogany body, flamed maple top/back of neck/back of headstock, plus an ebony fretboard with the signature morning star inlays. We load these guitars with Seymour Duncan Saturday Night Special pickups which are low/medium output and have a great sweetness in the midrange I strive for in my tone. They really nailed my vision and I’m so proud of these axes!


How do you use it and how has it shaped the way you write music?


This guitar has changed the way I play in that I tend to savour each note and let the sustain bloom during a long whole-step bend, for instance. Before I joined with Knaggs, I wasn’t savouring the tone as much and playing too fast for my own good sometimes. These guitars have actually taught me a bit of restraint. The thicker midrange and chunkier low end these guitars provide helps me dial in the Bluesmetal tone I’m known for much easier and I’ve eliminated the need or any pedals between these guitars and my amps. I can control all the dynamics simply from this guitar’s volume knob, which is a dream.


Tell us a little about what you have coming up?


The month of May will be very busy for me. I’m off to Australia for my 3rd tour down under covering Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and more. I’m very excited for all the touring and travel this month! The rest of the summer sees me touring back home in the States until I fly back to Europe in the fall for more touring and some clinics and masterclasses as well.




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