Show & Tell: Dan Brown from The Amity Affliction

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Show & Tell: Dan Brown from The Amity Affliction

What piece of equipment do you have to show us today?

My Fender Elite Stratocaster in Olympic Pearl. I’ve pulled out the stock bridge and replaced it with an F Model 6 String Evertune bridge. I’ve changed the stock pickguard from tortoise shell to 3 ply white with a middle black binding layer. Also, I currently have a Hotrail single coil humbucker in the bridge position.


How did you come across this particular item?

I signed up with Fender last year after playing the last brand I was with for a long time. I’m very thankful that Fender let me have my pick of guitars as soon as I made the switch. It’s great having a more original sound (for our genre) now.



What is it that you like about it so much?

It’s totally top of the line with all the bells and whistles. When I was growing up watching people play Strats, I always thought, “Maybe one day.” It’s a total privilege to be given a guitar like this. When I hold it I get a great sense of achievement. Also, it looks sick and plays even better.


How do you use it and how has it shaped the way you write music?

I used this guitar to track our new album Misery. I didn’t want that heavy gain sound anymore and that really pushed the way I wrote away from metal and into the dark pop/rock realm. While that’s not really a totally foreign area for me to write in, it felt good to be breaking new ground for the band.


Tell us a little about what you have coming up?

We’re starting a new album touring cycle after Misery comes out on August 24. First stop will be Europe and the UK. I’m looking forward to playing our new songs and testing the waters with what we can do with our live sound.



Misery is out Friday August 24 via Roadrunner Records/Warner Music.