Premiere: R U N ‘s ‘Find Peace’ is Australian metal at its fiercest

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Premiere: R U N ‘s ‘Find Peace’ is Australian metal at its fiercest

Featuring the talents of Joel Taylor on drums and Will Putney on mixing and mastering duties, ‘Find Peace’, which we’re premiering alongside a brilliant video by Patrick Galvin from Hollow Bones Studio today, is a certified slammer. Between Watts’ deathly vocal growls and Deslandes’ jarring instrumental arrangements, the song traverses through the extremes of each artist’s own strengths and experiences, delivering a track that’s teeming with raw power and rage.


“When Mike sent through the first demo of the breakdown passage I lost my mind over it for many subsequent weeks,” Watts says of ‘Find Peace’. “I knew he could pull it off but I just didn’t think it would pop at the level that it does. The lyrics come from a place of heartache… This one does not have a positive resolution. It’s meant to leave you stinging a little.”


“The idea behind the art is seeing the earth as a human body and that body turning against itself,” Galvin says of the music video for ‘Find Peace’. “The landscape is becoming harsh, raw and unlivable with blood vessels bursting into rivers and chasms opening up throughout. From our viewpoint, the immediate future is jagged and almost insurmountable but there is a faraway light drawing our eye and beckoning us forward, for good or ill, we don’t know.”


You can find the exclusive premiere of ‘Find Peace’, as well as an insight into Deslandes’ own approach to the arrangements of the song below. 



‘Find Peace’ makes for a pretty intense single due to the contrast between your melodic leads in the first half and then the dynamic interplay between the drums and guitars in the latter half of the track. Where did the inspiration for that guitar work come from? Can you explain how you used the tension in this track as a creative technique?

“When we first started working together, ‘Find Peace’ was our opportunity to make a. turn and we took a dramatic one. It gave licence to merge a whole lot of ideas – Lochlan and I went deep on reference material. I had many questions for him to help me navigate what the song should be.


“In the mix were a few songs and bands that I’d never heard before ranging from over melodic pop to experimental death. As for who and what they were I might leave you guessing…


“I’ve always been a fan of guitar orchestration and the feeling of something as confusing as it can be whilst still banging your head along. Heavy rhythmic riffs with floating melody interplay is a quick way to add huge dimension through the light and dark of heavy music. I’d like to think ‘Find Peace’ is pushed as far as it can go within this interiors. 


“From all these discussions and references, we listened, kept talking it through, allowing the inspiration to come through the framework we set for Find Peace’.”


R U N ‘s new single ‘Find Peace’ is out now via streaming services.