Dulcie’s five favourite tracks from Western Australian artists

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Dulcie’s five favourite tracks from Western Australian artists

Words by Will Brewster

We get to know Perth's emerging indie stars.

Dulcie might just be one of the most exciting new bands in Australia today. Since forming in 2018, the group’s unique instrumental chemistry and irresistible live show has seen them tour alongside the likes of G Flip, San Cisco and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, with Hottest 100 champions Ocean Alley even denoting their debut single ‘Fall’ as their favourite track of 2019.

Between their pristine vocal harmonies, driving grooves and air-punching choruses, the Perth four-piece are made all the more versatile by their refusal to pick a lead singer, with each member jumping onto the mic to inject their own personal flair over each track.

On their new single ‘Dust’, Dulcie only further assert their status as one of the country’s best emerging bands, with the song’s gooey hook and subtle groove working in unison to make for an absolutely irresistible third offering from the group.

With the release of the new single, we hit up Dulcie to make us a playlist of all their favourite tracks from their Western Australian peers, giving us an insight to their tight-knit scene and serving as the perfect introduction to one of the country’s best new bands.

‘U Owe Me’ – Stella Donnelly

“This is an all time favourite. Every time Stella plays live we all end up smashing this album for weeks after. This song in particular always puts a smile on our faces.”

‘Skin’ – Spacey Jane

“We’ve all been loving this song for the past couple of months. The parts all really complement each other and leave the perfect space to frame the lyrics. Insanely good songwriting, Spacey never disappoint!”

‘Don’t Wanna Be Your Lover’ – Carla Geneve

“Really get around the intensity of the vocals and the real grungy guitar tone on this one, the bridge is massive. Carla’s nailed it here.”

‘Deep End’ – Great Gable

“Great Gable have always had an incredibly tight live performance. This track off their recent album really captures some beautiful grooves and riffs that we love, along with that silky smooth live feel.”

‘Ordinary People’ – Blake Rose

“Such a beautiful track from Blake Rose. We’ve been loving his stuff recently and we’re lucky enough to have him playing for our show at Rosemount Hotel on the 28th of November.”

Dulcie’s new single ‘Dust’ is out now.