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What piece of equipment do you have to show us today?

My Fender Jaguar Special HH – I love the Jag guitars and this one doesn’t disappoint!

How did you come across this particular item?

I had a cheap Strat knock off when I was a kid when my parents were testing me out to see if it was just a phase (obviously wasn’t) so a real Fender was always on the cards. When I started Doctrin, I wanted to get away from the weighted sound of my Ibanez Les Paul. I had seen the Jag HH and knew it was perfect on paper but never played it, so I tracked one down in a store and when I tested it, I had to have it.

What is that you like so much about it?

It’s short scale which is excellent for my little hands and it has a lot of tone options which is great when I’m in the studio recording Rhythm and leads since you can swap between the two circuit options to suit the style of the track or part. I solely used it for all guitar parts on my upcoming EP and I’m really happy with the results. I love the dragster humbucker pickups they’ve got a great overall tone for what I do. Also can’t go past that Black and Chrome combo.

How do you use it, and how has it shaped the way that you write music?

Usually I play rhythm live so generally I use neck and bridge pick ups together with the rhythm circuit activated and run through a few pedals. Since I don’t have any band members at the moment and play solo, I sometimes run the Jag through main-stage live and use the Logic amps and pedals with a track. Some people hate plug-ins and digital equipment but when you’re budget conscious and bypass the shitty presets, you can make even the most basic equipment sound great.

Any other interesting points/stories about it?

Funnily enough, I read the other day, the Fender Jaguar was partly created to lure players away from Gibson guitars – it worked on me! I have found that it’s not a overly popular guitar but I also haven’t had anyone play it and not like it. People comment positively on my live sound and of course how great it looks on stage; they are usually surprised by it, which I like because it’s a great talking point. 


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