Beddy Rays’ five favourite up-and-coming Aussie bands

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Beddy Rays’ five favourite up-and-coming Aussie bands

1. Semantics

Classic Brissy powerhouse! We met them outside the Zoo a couple of years ago when they played their first show with us. Their new single ‘SDE (Self Destruct Entirely)’ opens up with a chorus with really thought out lyrics. ‘SDE’ sounds like someone who’s a bit lost in life, struggling to find their feet. Semantics talk a lot about mental health in their music and we think that’s something important that everyone should talk about and speak up about.



2. Radolescent 

The Radolescent boys are from the Goldy – a bunch of deadset sesh gremlins that’ll leave you lickin’ your wounds after you see them live. We think it’s one of the most turbulent, sweaty mosh pits we’ve ever been in. We started out playing shows with these boys at the old and faithful Shark Bar down the Goldy which has sadly since shut down. Their new tune ‘406’ is lyrically a bit of a dark one, and one of the more melodic ones from the lads. 



3. Peach Fur

We love the Peachy boys! They’re another great Goldy band. We met them camping down in Byron once at Belongil Fields around 2016. We were playing guitar in the campsite and they ended up coming over and joining in. We’ve been mates ever since and played plenty of shows together. They have a new EP out called Awake and it just rips completely. It’s awesome.



4. Visas

These guys are from Byron. Me (Jacko) and Benny lived down in Byron is 2019 and met these guys, a few beers and bbq’s later we started playing shows together. Really love the lyrics from frontman Jacko and the rhythm section from Toby and Liam. Get around these boys, their tune ‘Washed’ is really awesome!



5. Walken

Another Redlands band that we’ve known for a while. We first played with them down at couch house with Concrete Surfers. The boys have really found a unique sound now. Their latest track ‘Regular Human Person’ has real old school ’90s punk feel to it – with double high and low vocals, filled with some stanky lead-licks. Their film clip is one of the best we’ve seen in a long time, give them a suss!



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