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The Latest From The Booth

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The Big One From Pioneer

It was an awe-inspiring concept that
 was unveiled at NAMM a number of
months back. Now, the Pioneer DJ Tour System looks to be a reality, with the announcement of two new products in
the CDJ-TOUR1 and the DJM-TOUR1. 
The combined effect of four CDJ-TOUR1 modules sets up the ultimate DJ work surface, looking more like the bridge on the Starship Enterprise than a DJ booth. This thing is huge and the mixing possibilities that it comes with are just that too.


Each unit features a 13-inch full-colour LCD touch screen mounted to the top-
rear of the device. You still get the on-board LCD screen on the DJM module, 
but with an even larger one now resting above it. They offer an onscreen QWERTY keyboard with full library browsing, effects application and mix functions from the screen. This screen can be adjusted to an angle that suits your needs and also has a shade section, to allow for use in outdoor festivals during daylight.


With the link functions, you can set up different screens to display different information coming from each device, so you can have real time feedback of what is happening in your mix visually, at any moment. 
For back-to-back DJ sets, the DJM-TOUR1 mixer has two headphone outputs with separate cues and sends, so two DJs can work side by side with their own cue mix. This opens up a world of mixing possibilities for group and duo acts, allowing everyone to mix with their own workspace, without having to hand over all control of the decks to another member.


Obviously, the system can be integrated with other Pioneer hardware and can be built up from a humble setup to the grand beast that is going around on the promotional trail. This is one DJ system to look out for on big stages soon.


Visual Aid From Numark

The Dashboard is one of the newest offerings from Numark. They’ve recognised a need for a more visual workflow with their DJ controllers. It’s a nifty device with three screens mounted into an adjustable stand, designed to sit behind your
existing controller and open up a world
 of information for any Serato DJ setup. Yes, that’s right, it isn’t just for use with Numark consoles, you can use it alongside any controller that is operating within a Serato mixing environment.


On these screens you’re able to expand your library browsing options, have your waveforms stacked in the centre screen (for visual cues on tracks playing) and in the cue mix, as well as deck control information. Best of all, it’s been available for a while now so a range of devices are able to operate with it. The Dashboard is also set to receive new functions as new versions of Serato are released.


Low Priced Natives

As many of you would be aware, there was a huge price drop on Native Instruments’ Komplete packages in cross grade form a few months back. Plenty of existing NI users jumped at the chance to get the biggest collection of software effects and instruments available. History tells us that in all likelihood, this means a new version is on its way. And with Komplete 10 having now been around for about two years, Komplete 11 is looking like it’s ready to drop any month now, but not before Native Instruments has one last push of their existing collection. So, for those of you who have not yet joined the NI user base, the month of June is going to be an excellent opportunity to get on board.


For those of you concerned about the impending release of Komplete 11, I think it’s safe to say that the wise option at this stage would be to get on board with the current software at the reduced price, and then opt for an upgrade when the next version is released. If ever there was a reason to expand your sound libraries, this is it.