Sound Advice: Musicians’ earplugs are your best friend

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Sound Advice: Musicians’ earplugs are your best friend


The steps you can take to protect your precious auditory senses are actually very simple, and will ensure you can keep smashing out violently loud death metal well into retirement age without fear of going the Beethoven route.


The most effective tool at your disposal are custom made musician’s earplugs. While many have tried out those orange foam plugs you can buy from behind the bar for $2, or the old ripped tissue in the ears trick, these options will merely deaden some of the sound in general, and ultimately spoil your listening experience.


Musician’s earplugs are made specifically to attenuate the harmful frequencies while not blocking your overall hearing. Meaning you will still be able to listen to yourself or others, in detail and at volume, while minimising possible damage. Furthermore, as, like the rest of the body, everybody’s ears are shaped differently, they are made by making a rubber mould of your ear canals, so they will fit comfortably and stop excess noise entering through any gaps.


Because different styles of musician’s are exposed to varied levels of noise, there are an a array of filters available, attenuating levels from 9dB up to 25dB. So don’t delay – invest in one of the strongest assets you have to securing a long career in music.


For information about musician’s earplugs locate your local audiology clinic such as