On Tour with: Drunk Mums

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On Tour with: Drunk Mums

Jake (Guitar)

Alright, let’s talk gear. First things first, I’ve never paid over $500 for a guitar because it’s all about the amp. There’s nothing like an amp to keep a clear, loud signal after three bands have smashed through it. I’ve got a Fender DeVille and I’ve had it for about ten years, without one single service – now that’s value.


On to the guitar: I was looking  around for a unique weapon when I came across the Eastwood Airline. Next paycheck, I went Google crazy for one within driving distance. Jackpot! Melbourne’s number one Music Swop Shop in Carlton came up with the goods.


My pedals: I have a tuner and a distortion that one of the employees at the Music Swop Shop recommended. Good stuff.


Adam (Bass)

At the moment I have a Black Eastwood Flying BV bass. I’ve always wanted a Flying V Bass, but they are so expensive if you want a good one. Luckily, this one is really affordable. It’s got two mini humbuckers, which really pair well with my pedal setup. On the floor I use a TC Electronic Mojo Overdrive (the best bass pedal I’ve ever owned), a BOSS DS-1 for feedback and solos, and a BOSS HR-2, which is a harmonist pedal that I set to effect my signal into the octave above and below when playing slower riffs that don’t require constant playing. My preferred amp set up is an Ampeg SVT and an Ampeg 41-HLF.


Dean (Guitar)

I play a Black Univox Hi-Flier reissue by Eastwood. It’s got open humbuckers and a thick oak neck, which I dig – standard, sexy rock guitar. My pedal chain is tuner > OD-3  overdrive > TC Electronic SPARK > DD-7. It’s simple, but effective to control loudness and distortion on the go. I use a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe with a Tung-Sol preamp tube so I can run the input gain nice and hot without losing too much tone.


Jonny (Drums)

I run a signature Phil Rudd 14” Sonor with Evans 360 clouded skins, a loud and versatile snare with a good crack and attack. I’ve been lucky enough to be endorsed by Inferno Music and use a provided line of handcrafted TRX cymbals along with 5A Hickory inferno sticks. The 14” ALT hi-hats are a sturdy yet vibrant pair of cymbals that absorb the sticks well (as I usually play with the butts) and complement the ALT crash. Both possess a similar tone. The 21” Ride/Crash is from the LTD line so offers a different and powerful tone, lending itself to light ride strokes and full force crash blows equally.


Drunk Mums Urban Cowboy Australian Tour

Friday November 16: The Foundry, Brisbane, QLD

Saturday November 17: The Northern, Byron Bay, NSW

Sunday November 18: Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast, QLD

Friday November23: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, NSW

Saturday November 24: Small Ballroom, Newcastle, NSW

Sunday November 25: Rad Bar, Wollongong, NSW

Thursday November 29: Barwon Club, Geelong, VIC

Friday November 30: Karova Lounge, Ballarat, VIC

Saturday December 1: Yah Yah’s, Melbourne, VIC

Sunday December 2: Cherry Bar, Melbourne, VIC


Drunk Mums’ new album Urban Cowboy is out now via Pissfart Records.