My Rig: Tim Maxwell (Loser)

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My Rig: Tim Maxwell (Loser)

We recently caught up with Tim, who was again on the road, this time in the lead up to the release of Loser’s much anticipated debut album Mindless Joy, to shoot the shit on modelling, multi-effects and the gear that made Mindless Joy.


Reverend JetStream 390



“The main guitar I use is a Reverend Jetstream 390. I pretty much use it for every song live but when I’m in the studio I tend to alternate between a few other guitars such as a Les Paul, Epiphone Sheraton, Jazzmaster, Strats etc.”


Quilter Overdrive 200 Solid State Amp



“My go to amp at the moment is a Quilter Overdrive 200 solid state. It fits in my backpack and packs a punch. All I need is a great clean sound so I can pair it with effects to blend accordingly.”


Line 6 Helix LT Guitar Modeller



“I recently ditched the pedal board for a Line 6 Helix LT and I can’t see myself ever going back. It has endless options for any sound you want. I tend to use the amp modelling a lot for my distortion, that being a Marshall Plexi head emulation which is incredible. It is just incredible how far digital emulation has progressed in the last few years. I used to be completely against multi-effects pedals but now I can’t fault anything. Other than the amp distortion, I’ll mess with a DM2, LA-2A Compressor, OCD and a Blue Sky. I like to keep it fairly simple.”


Rode NT-2



Most of the time I am not too fussed about what mic I use live at this point, 58s frequent almost every venue I’ve played so that’s the go to. However in the studio I love my Rode NT 2, it does the job and has real nice air.”


Mellotron M4000D



“We used Mellotron on the track ‘Erase Me’ on the new album, we are all huge fans of The Beatles, Zeppelin and Pumpkins so I always wanted to feature the instrument at one point. It is a digital emulation of a real Mellotron but still it has the right feel. During the recording process I was heavily influenced by the album Fantastic Planet by Failure.”



Mindless Joy, the new album from Loser, is out Friday February 14 on Domestic La La.