Five tracks that Glass Tides are digging right now

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Five tracks that Glass Tides are digging right now

Paul Bakker


Point North – ‘Never Coming Home’



WHAT A JAM. Discovered this track on Spotify’s Punk’s Not Dead playlist and added it immediately to my daily rotation. Has a slight Sum 41 vibe, with a modern feel. Definitely check these guys out if you haven’t already! 


Post Malone – ‘Circles’



This is the type of Posty that I love – it brings a bit of nostalgia when listening, like I’m back in high school watching a rom com! The track is just fun and makes you feel good. 


Oscar Lang


The Cat Empire – ‘Miserere’



The Cat Empire as a group speak to me on a real deep level. I was introduced to them at a young age, but never truly came to appreciate them until late 2018. They are a group of genuine, talented Australian musicians that speak to me deep in my heart. ‘Miserere’ is the perfect example of a song that brings me down to its level and that’s why I enjoy it. It employs metaphors throughout to drives its message home. Love it! 


Jack Chamber


Billie Eilish / Khalid – ‘Lovely’



‘Lovely’ is truly a song deserving of the name. These two work together in perfect harmony to take me to a place where I can escape for a little while, and that really means a lot to me. The ad-libs compliment the main melody so well,but are still so subtle. The very basic piano chords/notes and whirling violins have such a beautiful contrast, but don’t overpower the main vocals. I absolutely adore this song, along with many others by the two very talented artists. 


George Solomon


Paramore – ‘All I Wanted’



I think I fell of my chair the first time I heard the chorus for this song kick in. ‘All I Wanted’ starts with such vulnerability and builds into one of my favourite choruses. The dynamics throughout the song with the vocals are incredible. Never a dull moment with Paramore: the drum patterns are always so unique and Hayley’s voice is just perfection.



Glass Tides have just released their latest single ‘Crawling’ – watch the music video above and keep up to date with the band here