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TuneCore isn’t the only platform of its kind – the likes of Catapult Distribution and CD Baby offer similar music distribution services. But TuneCore claims to be the “leading music distribution service provider.” What are the chief distinctions between TuneCore and these other services?

When distributing music via TuneCore, unlike our competitors, artists keep 100% of their revenues. We believe in simple, straightforward pricing and top-notch support to help artists increase revenue opportunities and advance their careers. With TuneCore, artists maintain complete control of their work and have the freedom to create their own path to success using our best-in-class services.


If an artist’s releases are already available in these online stores and streaming platforms, what’s the benefit of transferring to TuneCore, and how easily can this be done?

TuneCore artists have access to over 150 digital stores throughout the world and artist’s services while maintaining ownership of their work and 100% of their revenues. Registering music with TuneCore is simple, a musician just needs to go to TuneCore.com.au, set up an account and upload their tracks. TuneCore has the added benefit of customised reporting via the TuneCore dashboard.


The publishing administration service claims to do more than performing rights organisations (such as APRA) when it comes to collecting royalties. These organisations do great work, and membership is free. To utilise TuneCore’s publishing administration service, artists need to pay the one-time fee of $99.99. What areas does TuneCore retrieve royalties from that aren’t covered by performing rights organisations?

The performing rights organisations do great work, but it’s only part of the process. TuneCore publishing administration goes further by registering artists’ songs worldwide, in over 60 countries, and collecting all of these separate royalties to ensure creators are receiving all revenues due for use of their compositions. Additionally, TuneCore’s in-house creative team can help drive new revenue opportunities for artists and songwriters by pitching compositions – and recordings – for various licensing opportunities, like placement in films, TV programs, advertisements, video games etc


Is it possible to be linked up with TuneCore and APRA simultaneously?

Yes, performing rights organisations like APRA are an incredibly important tool for songwriters and publishers. However, it is also crucial to have a publishing administrator, such as TuneCore, to ensure that all of the money earned from music listened to and used around the world is collected and disseminated to the artists and songwriters that created it.


Is the publishing administration service accessible for artists who have their music in distribution already (not via TuneCore)? Or to utilise this service, are you required to sell your music via TuneCore?

Yes, artists are able to sign up for TuneCore’s publishing administration service without a TuneCore distribution account.


TuneCore is a private business, so making money is obviously a core aim. But when the company started, what was the main thing you intended to introduce to the music industry? Do you think TuneCore’s services in the US, UK, Canada and Japan have actualised your founding ambition?

TuneCore’s mission has always been and remains bringing more music to more people, while helping musicians and songwriters increase money-earning opportunities and take charge of their own careers. TuneCore artists around the world have earned US$600 million from over 22.5 billion downloads and streams since its inception in 2005.


Artists in Australia who are completely independent, and who value their independence, may have some reservations about joining TuneCore for fear of losing some control. TuneCore clearly states that artists retain complete ownership, but what else could you say to convince someone to distribute music through TuneCore, rather than off their own back?

Digital music consumption around the world is growing and the industry continues to evolve. TuneCore is committed to supporting independent artists and helping them to identify potential new revenue opportunities. Through TuneCore, independent artists have access to best-in-class services to help enhance their careers and are able to distribute their music and collect revenue from over 150 digital partners around the globe, including key emerging markets like Central America, South America and Asia. TuneCore artists maintain 100% ownership and control of their work and can take advantage of TuneCore’s customised reporting via the TuneCore dashboard. 


For more info, visit www.tunecore.com.au